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  1. Be a fan of the Fushigi Yuugi series!
  2. Please use a valid e-mail address when joining.
  3. The mandatory fields of the join form are Nickname, E-mail, and Country, optionally Favourite Character Please be sure to fill these out correctly.
  4. If you take an image code, everywhere you pubblish it, link it to my fanlisting.
  5. If you change your email address or other information, please use the update form and keep your information current!
  6. If you lose your password, it cannot be retrieved. Instead it can be regenerated. If you do lose it, please fill out the lost password form.

For Webmasters

If you want link my fanlisting, read these notes:
  1. All the rules above apply as well.
  2. The website must be yours.
  3. Please put a link back to this fanlisting somewhere but in a visible place in your website (i.e. index page or fanlisting page). You can use a simple text link or an image code.
  4. If you use image codes, do NOT direct link it from this website. Upload the image to your own server or a freeserver (such as ImageShack or Photobucket) and link it from there. Then put an URL on my fanlisting.
  5. Please put in the comments where the code is located if it's offsite or if your website is not in English.